New to Zoom??????

The number of Zoom users has increased tremendously over the last few weeks due to the world events. Work from Home is the way to go, and Zoom is the video conference tool of choice.

Zoom is a great tool, and it has great power! But as SpiderMan learned, with great power comes great responsibility. So be a responsible Zoom citizen and learn some of the basics.

One video that I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend is the one on meeting controls. While some of it is applicable only if you’re hosting the meeting, MOST of it is applicable to attendees — and it shows how to really use Zoom!…/201362603-What-Are-the-Host-Contr…

Another thing that will be important to know is how to change the view from speaker to gallery.  I could not find a training video on that one so I created one and put it on my YouTube channel, link below.

The Zoom Training Tutorials are also a great resource where you can select the area that you would like to know more about and watch a short video that covers that topic:…/ar…/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials

There is a lot more to Zoom, but if you watch the video above and one other in the Training Tutorials, you’ll be more educated than 90% of the people using Zoom. All it takes a small investment of time and concentration, and I promise it will pay a HUGE return!

If you havent already registered for the FREE Zoom webinar that I will be hosting Thursday evening at 6pm CST called Fighting the Fear of Corona Virus through Brain Science, please do.  This will be very helpful information for you or someone you know.  Some have even said it is “life changing”.

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Coach Dale 


If you are looking for some encouraging music – check out my playlists, they are filled with a lot of encouraging music that can lift your spirit for sure.