The last few weeks have been a little bit surreal for many people, myself included.  I mean really, what are the odds of living during a worldwide pandemic?

I have been reminded of so many things that have helped me continue on my path of significance. One of these things that I have remembered and chosen to hold on to as part of my truth is that we always have a choice. It’s true. We may not like our choices, but we have one.

A friend of mine shared something on Facebook recently that really had me thinking. The main topic was pain and how pain is a motivator for change.  He said that most of the real change in his life happened because of some pain he was going through.  Pain is a motivator for sure. His question is the title of my blog post this week. What if…

What if:

We didn’t wait for something to hurt so bad to change it?

His what if question got me to thinking of other what if’s:

We chose to look for the good in each situation rather than focusing on the bad?

We listened for understanding not to try and figure out the next thing to say to sound smarter than the person we are talking with?

During this time of social distancing we used the time to make our life (or someone else’s) better?

We decided to take a risk to really live the life we would love to live instead of just getting by?

My list of what if’s could go on and on. What would be on your list of what if’s?

Now that you have started thinking about the what if’s – what are you going to do about it (them)?  What one action will you take towards answering the question of what if…

The number of people that I see that are really struggling with figuring out who they are now during this pandemic has really given me a new focus of helping people that want to make a different choice to realize that they can do it. You make the process much faster and less scary if someone is on that journey with you.

One of the coaching processes that I offer is called the WeAlign Strengths Alignment Process. I have started calling it the StrengthsFinder on Steroids (SFoS) because I think that explains what it really is better.  I am offering a special webinar at a very discounted price to help people that want to learn a little bit more about SFoS and how it can help you dig into who you really were created to be. When you know that then you can operate out of your strengths and watch the magic happen.

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