We aren’t really sure who actually said this quote that is usually attributed to Mark Twain, but whoever it was nailed it.

Two Most Important Days in Your Life: The Day You Were Born and the Day You Discover Why

If you have been following me for a while you will already understand why this quote is so powerful to me. 

If you are new to my blog, welcome. I am happy to have you on my page. You may want to click around a bit and check out some of the other posts I have shared. For now, know that helping people understand who they really are is a big part of what I believe I am called to do.

The dash. That is what happens between the day you are born and the day you die. There is a pretty well known poem called “The Dash“. The poem talks about how you spend your dash. Buying cars? Building memories with your loved ones? When it comes time for someone to read your eulogy will you be happy about what they are able to share?  One of my friends has said many times that she wants to create a life of love and a legacy worthy of being remembered.

That type of life does not happen by accident. It will take the decision to live an intentional life that can help you create.

I believe that the quote above and The Dash go hand in hand. To be able to live your best life now it is important to know your why. Knowing your why helps you live your dash in a way that creates the legacy you want to leave.

One of my favorite things is watching as my coaching clients have the figurative light go off in their mind and realize who God has created them to be which usually goes hand in hand with their why.

There is a book called, Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. It is a wonderful book. I believe that the why is even deeper than what Simon talks about. When we make decisions based on our why that is rooted in who Jesus says we are that is when the magic happens. I will expand on this thought at a later time.

Do you know your why?  Are you living your dash to the fullest?  If so, great. What else can you do to stay on that path? If not, you can make a new choice today. Focus on one thing that you can do to help you learn your why and/or live your dash to the fullest. You don’t have to have it all figured out. One step at a time. 

Coach Dale
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