Know your place.

Sounds like a big deal.  It is.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some examples of how I believe you can find your place.  We will be using an acronym for the word PLACE.

  • P – Purpose
  • L – Love
  • A – Acceptance
  • C – Clarity
  • E – Execution

We will start with purpose next week but for now I want to share something that might help you if you are feeling stuck.

For many people, the last few months have been really hard. Hard to take the next steps towards the life they want to create.  I have talked with a few people that have really felt stuck.  Here is what I suggested to them and what I will suggest to you.

Even if you aren’t stuck this information could help you make progress on your journey.

We can all do better in different areas of our life.  Make a list of a few things that you know you can or want to improve on.  Then decide which one you believe will make the biggest impact on your life if you took action.  I believe that action begets clarity.

Write down that one thing and then write down what action step you are willing to commit to doing in the next 48 hours.  And, do it.

When I have felt stuck taking even a small step towards the direction that I want to go has helped me in some big ways.

Be ready to dig in next week with learning the first part of understanding your purpose which can help you know your place.


Coach Dale
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