This week we are going to talk about Love for the L in PLACE.

Last week we talked about your purpose. On a scale from 1 to 10, how are you doing on that?

What about love? We may need to define love a bit as there are many different meanings.

The American culture, and the world for that matter, have really caused us some issues with what it means to love someone or something.

How can you say “I love ice cream”, “I love my best friend”, and “I love my spouse” all using the same word? Love in all cases, but different flavors.

The Greek language had six (or more) different terms for love — see for more info. However, the three main ones that most people know are:

  • Eros – “love, mostly of the sexual passion” (where we get our term erotic)
  • Philia – “affectionate regard, friendship”, “brotherly love” (where the city of Philadelphia gets its name)
  • Agape – “love, especially charity”, “the unconditional love of God for his children”. Used often in Christian circles to pass on this love one to another

Diane Dotson talks about the similarities between love and connection on her site

Diane’s premise (and I agree) is that to truly experience love, it starts with:

  • connection with God,
  • healthy connection with others, and
  • connection with your true self.

Imagine a 3 legged stool. What happens when one of the legs is missing or damaged? The stool will fall over or not be as strong as it could be.

Those three connections are needed to really understand the L in PLACE. 

Have you heard the song, “Love is a Verb?” Love is something that is meant to be shared externally with your community. How well are you doing that? Use the same scale of 1 – 10 and rate yourself. 

Which one of the 3 legs from the stool needs your attention right now? Pick one and write down one thing you can do that will help you be able to improve that one area in a way that could help your life. Next week we will talk about acceptance and how having a strong foundation of love is really important for that part of knowing your place.

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