This week is wrap up week for the PLACE series we have been covering over the last few weeks. I chose this image to use because knowing your PLACE really is a gift. I hope you have enjoyed the blog series and you have been able to open the present of knowing your PLACE.

In case you missed any of the weekly blogs, here are the links to them:

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Each week I have asked you to rate yourself on a 1 – 10 scale. Now that you know more about what that means for you in each area, go back and rate yourself now. How have your scores changed (hopefully improved)?  Now that you have been through all 5 pieces can you see that you need to use the same scale on all the areas?  If you didn’t use the same scale consider making adjustments as needed to really see how you are doing in each area. Sometimes we have different expectations based on the “category” and adjust the scale accordingly. You can right click to save the PLACE image below or you can email me and I will send you a PDF printable version.


What happens if you have a dip or a spike?

Dip – A dip occurs when you are not focusing energy on one part of the PLACE. The question becomes why are you putting less focus or energy on it?  Are you avoiding something?  Consider talking with a friend/coach/mentor to help you work through the reason(s). You might have a blindspot to how well you are doing, or maybe there is a rock in the road keeping you from living in this area fully. Talking about it with someone can be helpful.

Spike – This could be happening because you are putting more energy into the spike area and not spreading it around to the other places. Could you focus on other areas to bring them up a bit?  You don’t have to improve them all at once. Pick one area to start  with and then move on to the next. What you focus on grows. 

What happens if you have a low number all the way around so you don’t have a dip or a spike?

Think about how you can grow in each of the areas in a balanced way. One way to do this would be to focus on one of the places that you feel the most energized by and then help it go up a few notches and as that one comes up even just a little bit try and bring the others up one at a time. Then repeat the process until you can get closer to a 10. Do it a little at a time rather than all at once to avoid a spike or burnout. Just like riding a bicycle, you do not want to lean too far either direction.

If you are totally stuck and don’t know where to start, then many times I would suggest starting on the Purpose as that will give you more energy around all of the other ones. This is because you are connecting to your internal why and what is motivating you.

Or you can start with Love. When you connect with love and joy it really does engage your brain in a way that can be powerful. Ask me about the brain science 5-week class I am hosting in a few weeks.

There is no wrong place to start – just get started!

As a final wrap up I would love to know what is one thing from this series that you want to remember?  Please consider sharing it with me. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Thank you.

Coach Dale

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