One of the best lines from my favorite TV show was “it’s easy to find something worth dying for. What are you living for?”

When you have something worth living for, suicide is not an option.

It hurts my heart to see so many suicides in the world. God created you for a purpose and I believe that purpose is not to take your own life.

Well, I don’t work directly in the area of suicide prevention, I do work there indirectly.

I’ll leave the direct work for those people that are called to that area. People like SAM Morrison and her associates at Celebrate Recovery, my good friends at the Pathways organization, and the Road Adventure. And of course the trained counselors and medical professionals in this area.

I do believe that the reasons for suicide are very complex and very individual. What I do in my coaching is help individuals:

  • connect with their true identity,
  • clarify want their heart really wants, and
  • figure out where they are going,

so that they can really live in their calling and make a difference in their world. 

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have a dream, a passion, and a purpose calling you forward, you become stuck and live in that comfort zone of just existing. And if you stay there too long, you lose your joy, you focus too much on yourself, the reasons for existence become fuzzy, and suicide may seem to become an attractive option.

Don’t go there. Don’t stay there. God has a calling and a purpose for your life. 

What is your dream? What is your passion? What is your purpose? Take a step today towards living the one life that God has created you for and you might be surprised to see who you inspire to do the same.

Here is a song that might help you focus on what you want in life by remembering that choosing joy is a choice. JOY!

Coach Dale

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