Happy almost August!  If you are in Texas, like me, you know that the heat is intense this time of year. I do my best not to complain about it though because after all it is Texas and it is supposed to be hot.

Back on Father’s day this year I spent some time reminiscing about some of the people in my life and how the relationships I had impacted me. Some good, some not so good. 

It is likely that you have stumbled across my blog and don’t know anything about me. If this is your first time connecting with my blog, welcome. I am glad you are here. Usually, I spend most of my time writing about coaching and life experiences that directly relate to coaching in some form or fashion.

This may not “feel” like it relates to coaching, but it does. Over the next few weeks, I hope you will see the connection.

I never had any biological children and have come to terms with that part of my life. Just because I wasn’t a “daddy” that didn’t mean that I couldn’t be a “father figure” or a spiritual father.

The relationship I have with one of my nephews could be described as a spiritual father figure. I have been blessed to be part of his life and watch how God has used me to help connect him. I have a god-daughter that I love dearly and believe that the relationship that I have with her is one of the most special relationships I have.

When I was a child I didn’t have a close relationship with my father and wanted to have an emotional connection with him. That never happened.

Part of the reason I am sharing this part of my life is to hopefully encourage someone to realize that just because they didn’t get something they needed while growing up, or didn’t see something modeled well, that does not mean that you can give the very thing you wanted so badly.

Maybe you didn’t have a good earthly father. You can still be a wonderful father or father figure if you didn’t have biological children.

Maybe you experienced some type of abuse or neglect as a child. You can create a healthy balanced life that will help others see that it is possible to break generational strongholds.

Maybe you craved real friendships and never had anyone in your corner as a child. You needed friends then and now you can be a friend to someone that needs one and watch how God blesses you and them.

This list could go on and on however I hope you get the idea.

Next week I am going to share some of the photos I came across while reminiscing and share why they mean so much to me.

This week my challenge for you is to acknowledge something that you feel like you missed out on as a child and then do something positive to create that reality for you or someone else. You can be the difference now that you needed then and that my friend is powerful.

As always if I can help you with anything, please reach out.

Coach Dale

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