Last week I challenged you to acknowledge something you feel that you missed out on as a child and do something positive to fill that spot in your life or fill it for someone else. Did you?  I pray you did. When we take a positive step in the direction of healing some past hurts then we free ourselves to walk in the truth of who God created us to be.

Realizing that part of what I believe I missed out on when I was a kid was a connection to my earthly father and how I have seen that shape who I am prompted me to write a few blogs about it. I pray that as you read them that you can start to acknowledge whatever your “thing” is and experience some healing.

As I prepared to write this blog about how I didn’t have a close relationship with my father I started specifically looking for photos of us together. It did not surprise me that I didn’t have that many. Most of the photos I have with him are from when I was very young.

However, I did find many photos of Sarah, my goddaughter. I actually walked her down the aisle at her wedding. The relationship we have is very special to me. I have known many people with the title of “godfather” and it was merely a “title”.

Here is the definition of a godparent:

[3] In both religious and civil views, a godparent tends to be an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development, to offer mentorship or claim legal guardianship of the child if anything should happen to the parents.

As I think about my relationship with Sarah alongside this definition I know there are things that I could do better while knowing that I have done a great job of being there for her. Creating a special relationship with her has been one of my biggest joys. I hope you enjoy some of the photos I am sharing with you.

How blessed am I that I have been able to have the opportunity to be her godfather?

Another special relationship to me is with my nephew, Gary Michael. He has called me his spiritual father. A very special day in my life, and his, was when he got baptized. I was honored to baptize him and be able to call him my brother in Christ.

These are just two examples of how I believe God has blessed me to help heal the hurt from my childhood. Realizing that just because I didn’t get what I needed as a child from my father that did not mean that I could not be that for someone else.

I did have someone in my life who was a father figure, next week I will share a few stories about our relationship.

This week I want to ask you once again to work on acknowledging something from your past that needs a bit of mending. Give it to God and allow him to guide you to an action step or even a time of quiet surrender that will allow a little bit more healing.

As always, if I can help you with anything please feel free to reach out.

Coach Dale

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