For the last few weeks, I have been sharing how God has redeemed some of the things that happened when I was a child along with me not having any biological children of my own. He is pretty amazing the way He has been able to give me some of my heart’s desire in some unique ways.

This week I want to share about how I believe God helped me have an earthly “Father-figure”.

My brother’s name is Jim. He is 12 and a half years older than me. Jim was an early developer as a young man and I was a late developer. Jim married when I was about 5 years old and I became an uncle at 6.

Jim has told me that he took me to church when he was courting his wife, Linda. I don’t remember that but I would have been about 4 years old so that doesn’t surprise me.

A special memory that I do have is when Jim took me to an A&W drive-in and I had my first root beer. Complete by being In a glass mug with all the foam.

We really connected when I went to college at the University of Texas in Austin. Jim lived in Killeen about 60 miles north and I would go up there on the weekends when I could.

We hung out and did “life” together. It was my first real experience at what I would call “normal family life”.

My dad had been in a car accident and from what I know it was a miracle that he didn’t die. We were not sure if he could feel pain or if he just had a super high pain tolerance because he was always in pain. Dad was emotionally unavailable, I never felt anything from him except a vague sense of never being good enough. Because of his accident, he never taught me anything about sports or anything physical like that. He did teach me about lawnmowers and engines. I worked for him for several years. I could take apart an engine and put it back together with no extra parts. 

While in college and being able to visit Jim and his family I got to participate in many family-type things that I had not been able to do in large part I believe due to my Dad’s injuries.

Back in the late 90’s, I created a database in a program called  FileMaker for Jim that he still uses today in his wholesale automotive business. Jim has helped me with the purchase of the last 4 vehicles I have purchased.

Jim sponsored me into a spiritual program called the Walk to Emmaus and now I am part of their leadership team. I sponsored Jim into a program called Zac’s Ridge that helps with emotional intelligence and overcoming past life issues while helping you have tools to create the life you want.

Last week I was able to go spend some time with Jim and his family. I am thankful for our relationship and how God has blessed me with a great brother that has also been like a father to me in so many ways.

This week my challenge for you is to take a moment and ask God if there is anyone He would like you to reach out to and give a bit of encouragement to. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus. What an honor that is.

As always, if I can help you with anything – I would be happy to connect.

Coach Dale

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