Seeing God’s Calling

A lot of people talk about wanting to know God’s calling on their life. Some even think they know what their calling is. Today I want to share a little bit on my take on this topic.

Big idea thoughts:

  1.     I believe that everyone does have a calling from God.
  2.     I believe that each one of us are unique and when we accept that and stop trying to be like everyone else, that is when the magic happens.
  3.     Connection is required to walk out God’s calling on your life. I believe this is critical because God created us to be in relationship with Him and each other.
  4.     When you focus on who God created you to be you can more fully reflect His image to those around you.

There are two key scriptures that help me form those big idea thought statements.

Psalm 139:13 “For it was you who created my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb”

Romans 11:29 “since God’s gracious gifts and calling are irrevocable”

Many years ago, I came to the realization that I had “just a job” that would never be a career. Several years after that (when I got baptized) I realized that even more than a career I wanted a calling.

There are several different assessments that can help you learn more about yourself. I talk about many of them in my book, The Identity Key.

Over the years I have done many of these assessments. The WeAlign StrengthsFinder is my favorite. I prefer it mainly because it helps people understand their talents, not their personality. It also helps people understand that they truly are unique. When someone goes through the coaching process they can learn how to turn the talents God has given them into their strengths.

Another big benefit of the WeAlign StrengthsFinder process is that not only do you learn about your talents, you learn about the things you aren’t so good at. This is powerful and missing from many assessments. Understanding your “weaknesses” can allow you to stop trying to get better at things you aren’t good at doing. 

When you learn how to manage your weaknesses by using a different strength or deciding to get someone to help you in that area then you are opened up to thrive in the talents that God gave you.

Next week we will talk about how to develop some of your talents and learn more about how important connection is to walking in the truth of who God created you to be.

This week I would like you to make a list of three things that you know for sure you are good at. You can do them without even thinking. Then make a list of three things that you struggle to do and take energy from you. 

Taking the time to write them down can be powerful, even if you never do anything else with the list. If you want to do the 2nd part of the homework assignment it would be to think about those tasks you wrote down that you are not good at and see if you can come up with a creative way to do them that would give you energy. If not, consider finding someone to help you with them. Be sure to make time to do more of the three things you wrote down that you are naturally good at too!

As always if I can help you with anything, I would love to connect.

Coach Dale

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