StrengthsFinder is more than the top 5. Millions of people have taken the StrengthsFinder profile and most of them have only got their top 5 results, not the “full 34” complete list. Very few people have ever had any coaching around their results which means they likely got the results, read them, and then put them in a drawer somewhere thinking that was “cool” information. Because they didn’t really understand the results it didn’t impact their life.

I am big on knowing more than your top 5 and getting coaching to understand what the results mean (you probably already knew that though). Yes, I am a WeAlign StrengthsFinder Coach so me believing in the coaching process makes sense.

This week I wanted to share the “why” behind my belief. I had been trying to build a business for many years. My results would vary greatly. I had a lot of ups and downs. This happens in any business but what I found was that my ups and downs were more likely due to lack of discipline and consistency.

Discipline is my number 30 in order of ranking and consistency is number 34. Dead last. No wonder I would try something new, see if I liked it or thought it would work and then even if it did give me some results I wasn’t able to keep it going. I would just try to “work harder” for a while and then I would find a new direction and off I would go. Can you say “shiny object syndrome”? It’s definitely easy for me to fall into that!

If I had realized this earlier then I could have decided to make some adjustments sooner.

One of the things I did to help me with my discipline and consistency was to hire a virtual assistant. She helps me stay on track and get things done. She does the little things that I would neglect or forget.

With her help and encouragement, I have had a blog post go out every week (without fail) since last August. That is HUGE for me.

As another win, I had been trying to write my first book for 3 years. I felt overwhelmed and could not get any real traction around the process. It was too big conceptually. Strategically (my #1 strength) I just needed to get the first book out, instead of trying to fit it all in one book at one time, and the process became more manageable. Also, I had administrative help to keep me on track with deadlines and goals to make sure it got done.

Knowing your top 5 is important. It really is. However, understanding all of your talents/strengths and where they fall in order will help you know how to manage the ones you are not that great at and give you the ability to decide how to get help with them.

One of my clients has told me over and over that when she stopped trying to overcompensate for her weaknesses and walk in her strengths, that is when the magic happened for her.

When it clicks that by focusing on what you are really naturally good at and let go of the things you aren’t naturally good at you will find newfound freedom that will allow you to be more fully who God created you to be.

What is one area that you know you just aren’t that great at that you keep trying to do better? How can you get help in that area? How can you use one of your strengths to compensate for that area?

My example was that I hired someone to help me with my discipline and consistency. It could be that you aren’t very strategic in your thinking and you ask a friend that does have that strength to help you brainstorm on the best ways to get things done.

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