Last week I shared a little bit with you about why knowing more than your top 5 strengths would be helpful.  Did you do the homework of evaluating your strengths and choose one area that you might want to work on to do better? I have learned that there are some things that I am just not good at and trying to be better in those areas usually doesn’t produce many good results however, learning how to “do better” by using one of your strengths that you do have to compensate for a weaker area can really help.

This week I want to share two quick stories with you of people that have gone through the StrengthsFinder on Steroids (SFoS) process with me and some of the results that they told me about.

They have both given me testimonials to use so I have permission to share part of their stories with you, otherwise what happens in the coaching process would stay completely private.

Andrew and Marissa Hall were newly married. They had a good life and were already doing really well. They decided to do the SFoS process with me to dig a little bit deeper. What they found was that by understanding their strengths they could learn how to work together as a couple better and how to connect with people in their everyday life, including their careers. Here is a quote from them:

We just finished the Strengths Alignment package, and it has changed the way we see people and how we do life. Because of Coach Dale, now we can really maximize what we are good at, and maybe minimize or delegate out what we are not as good at.

Caitlin Dobbs went through the process recently.  She is a self described assessment junkie.  She loves them all and how she learns something new about herself each time she takes one. She told me that one of the biggest takeaways from the coaching process was really understanding what we call “non-pattern” talents. The things she is just not good at doing. It has given her the freedom to work on the things she is really good at doing and learning to find people that can help her with the non-pattern things that need to be done. Particularly, she has realized that her husband is really good at some of her non-pattern talents and has been able to ask him for help in ways that she hadn’t thought of before. Here is a quote from her:

Though I thought I knew myself really well, I learned all kinds of new and useful information about me with StrengthsFinder. None of the other personality tests were as clearly able to show me who I really am and help me understand why I do things the way I do them, why I’m passionate about certain things and why some things are so easy for me and others so hard. Through the StrengthsFinder, I was able to see that I had been working really really hard to boost my weaknesses and not getting very far with it and now I understand that it is so much more fulfilling, productive and so much better to go with the flow of my strengths and live from that place! I’m excited to see how that changing the way I live my life (i.e. from doing it the hard way and not getting very far to changing to going with my flow and strengths) takes me! 

Note that these results come from the extra coaching that comes from the SFoS process. While you get the “raw” list of 34 talents from the Gallup assessment, it is a VERY rare person that will dedicate the dozens or hundreds of hours to dig out all the information and piece it together to get to these results.

That’s the beauty of the SFoS process; we’ve compiled all this information together in one place, making it easily digestible, and as trained, certified coaches we understand how to walk you through that process in 5 hours and help you get the maximum of what you are looking for at the moment.

I am truly blessed to be able to help people realize who God created them to be. Watching the freedom that happens when someone can let God of who the world has told them to be and be who God created them to be is an amazing gift.

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As always, if I can help you with anything please reach out.

Coach Dale

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