Happy October everyone! Wow, time really has flown this year. I pray that even with the craziness of this year you have been able to keep your joy and find value in the moments God has given you to connect with the people in your life.

 With all the social distancing and not being able to meet in person with people we have had to learn how to connect in a new way, virtually.

I have been working from home for many years so that part is not new for me, however, not having the ability to meet with people face to face has been a major shift.

Thankfully, we have the ability to connect via video conferencing as needed, which has been a blessing. (And it’s not new to me, I’ve had a paid Zoom account since 2016.)

I’ve said many times this year, I’m busier than ever. I think the process of shifting to video conferencing and also thinking about my messaging has turbo-charged my networking this year, and because of that I have more opportunities than ever.

As I was thinking about the new way of networking I began to think about the strengths required for this to happen in a way that really allows for connection. 

I have always been a big giver. This is helpful when it comes to networking in general, even more so now.  My top 6 strengths are:

  1. Strategic
  2. Responsibility
  3. Connectedness
  4. Relator
  5. Ideation
  6. Futuristic

Having Strategic #1, Ideation #5, and Futuristic #6 amplify my ability to generate innovative ideas and give them away freely. They are in the same “domain” which I will explain more in a future blog post.

Having Connectedness #3 helps me find points of connection with people even over a virtual connection, and Relator #4 helps me “go deep” with people and get past the surface to the heart of the matter.

During the networking meeting pay attention and pick a few people that you want to schedule a 1-1 time to connect. I have done more useful and valuable 1-1 meetings this year because I’m focused on ways that I can help others using my strengths.

When you have your 1-1 here are some things that you can do to connect in a way that matters:

  1. Listen, really listen.
  2. Ask questions, lots of questions.
  3. Listen some more.
  4. When they ask about you, have a ready and short answer, and then ask them an open-ended question. “Put the ball in their court.”
  5. Find out a need or service that they may be looking for (even if you can’t provide it) and see if you can help them get connected.
  6. Turn off your phone and close other browser windows including email so that you can focus on the person you are talking with.
  7. Ask them how you can help them.

I believe if you do these things well that your pipeline will continue to grow and allow your business to do the same. When you come from contribution and how you can help others while being true to yourself beautiful things happen.

As always, if I can help you with anything please reach out.

Coach Dale

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