If you have been following me you know more than most people about the StrengthsFinder coaching process. One of the things that I mention sometimes is the term “domain”. However, I realized recently that I haven’t spent any time explaining what the domains are.

Today’s blog post will be short while being informative to help you understand how WeAlign uses domains to categorize the different talents.

In the Gallup Strengthsfinder, there are 34 themes, and each theme or talent is assigned to a domain.  In Gallup terms, these domains are called executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.  At WeAlign, we use the terms executing, influencing, relating, and thinking.  

The talents in the same domain AMPLIFY each other while talents in different domains MODIFY each other.  If you have many of your top talents in the same domain, your superpower is around that particular domain.  For example, if you have seven of the top ten talents in the influencing domain, then you have superpowers to influence and convince others.  If you have a balanced amount of talents in each domain (like I do), that means your behavior has aspects of each domain and you can likely use the specific domain needed when trying to achieve a goal. 

These assessments help us to understand our differences, embrace our uniqueness from each other, and to build effective teams.  Being able to think differently is a good thing!

One way understanding the talents/domains can help you build better teams is by seeing “holes” in your team. If you have a team full of people that have the superpower of executing, then finding people to be more of an influencer could be a good idea. Note that the holes could be domains, like in the example, or it could be particular talents.

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