E – Execute

It is time to take action.

Imagine you are driving your car and are at a 4 way intersection.  You have some choices, correct?  You could turn left, right, go straight or even make a u-turn in some cases.  There is another option though.

You could stay where you are and not go in any direction.

Many times people learn new information and then like staying stuck at the 4-way intersection, they don’t go anywhere with it.

Without action none of what we have been talking about the last few weeks will really impact your life.

How are you doing on your 1 – 10 scale from the P, L, A, C?  Have you made any small changes that can lead to big results over the last few weeks?

Sometimes, the executing part feels overwhelming.  Here is one quick suggestion, similar to past weeks:  pick one thing (it can be super small even) and do it today.  Doing something right away will help you realize you really do have a PLACE in the world and it is your choice to take action or not.

Next week we will have a printable file for you to use showing you how you can rate your 1 – 10 for each area giving you a visual of how you are doing and cover some key takeaways.

If you have any questions or I can help you with anything, please let me know.

Thank you.

Coach Dale

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